What Are The Leading Aussie Dollar and Canadian Dollar Currencies?

If you need to analyze international currency trading, Forex and USD/JPY currency pair rates, then you need to check out the Australian Dollar-U.K. Pound Sterling pair rates and the Japanese Yen-U.S. Dollar rates. These charts will tell you how much each currency is worth in the market today.



One thing that makes these two pairs unique is that they are not based on the European Union or the Euro Zone. For example, the Euro is the single currency of 17 countries, but the Australian Dollar is actually a member of the BRICS group of emerging world currencies. This makes the AUDUSD and NZDUSD much different from the other major currencies of the world.


The EURUSD is the primary currency of the European Union and therefore, the leader of the Western world. It is a derivative of the British Pound Sterling. The USD/JPY is similar to the EURUSD in that it is also based on the British Pound Sterling.


The GBP is the currency of Brazil, South Africa, Russia, India, China, and a few other emerging world currencies. The AUDUSD is actually not based on any one particular commodity group.


The GBP currency is called the "Dollar Bar." This term means that it is the most widely traded currency in the world. Both of these pairs are called "group price" currency pairs in the online financial world.


The GBRP is the most popular currency in the European market, although the AUDUSD is the primary currency of the Western world and is the leader of the Western world. Both of these currencies have their own use as an alternate currency for trade among various nations.


The AUDUSD and the Euro zone are somewhat close in size. Therefore, it would be easy to find a cheap pair between these two pairs.


The Western world has the two main currency pairs – the British Pound Sterling and the American Dollar. The AUDUSD is in many ways a derivative of the EURUSD.


The EURUSD and the GBPUSD are very similar to the AUDUSD and the USDCAD (the leading currency of the U.S. dollar). However, the Canadian Dollar (CAD) is not a big player in the market today.


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Since the United States is not one of the countries involved in the European Union, it has a different set of currencies. Many people today speculate that the United States may not participate in the Euro zone at all, and instead, use its own set of currencies.


The Euro zone has a bigger economy than the United States and therefore, it would make sense for the American economy to trade in Euros. The CAD and the USD are the leading currency pair of the U.S. dollar.


Each of the pairs in the Euro zone is considered a "leveraged currency." If you want to learn more about the "leveraged" nature of currency pairs, you can find the link below.

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