What Does AUDUSD Do?


What Does AUDUSD Do?

The Association of Australian Dental Schools (AUDUSD) is an organisation of the medical and dental community. Its mission is to promote excellence in education, practice and research among the many disciplines of dentistry. Its members are the Australian Institute of Dental Medicine, Australian Dental Board, Australian Medical College, Australian Dental Hygienists’ Association, National Health and Medical Research Council, Australian Dental Assistants Association, and the Victorian Dental Association.

AUDUSD is committed to creating a healthy and equitable dental health care environment that minimises the impact of systemic disease in the community. It believes that good health is a privilege, not a right, and that people should be able to access dental care and treatment in equal conditions. AUDUSD seeks to ensure that dental services remain accessible and that appropriate standards of practice are maintained throughout Australia.

AUDUSD was established to support Australia’s role as a leading destination for foreign students wishing to complete their study in Australia. Since its inception, AUDUSD has made an important contribution to the Australian medical, dental and allied health communities through education, training, and information dissemination, through the establishment of accredited programs for students wishing to undertake a career in the Australian medical, dental, and allied health fields, and through continued association with the Australian Dental Hygienists’ Association.

AUDUSD is also committed to ensuring that there is a proper flow of adequate funding in the health care industry. It recognises that the need to achieve greater fiscal sustainability is an ongoing necessity, and that this requires the continual improvement of the quality of patient care provided by the medical and dental sectors. AUDUSD strives to ensure that each health care service it supports is financially sustainable and provides a quality service to patients.

AUDUSD strives to enhance the quality of the medical health care it provides. Through its accreditation program, AUDUSD certifies its own programs, ensuring that all practitioners adhere to ethical, professional and patient-centred standards. Its accreditation process includes an independent review by an external committee to ensure that the quality and standards of services provided by practitioners are at par with those provided by other accredited programs around the world.

The main aim of AUDUSD is to ensure that the quality of services provided by the medical and dental sectors is high and to ensure that the practices and procedures of the practitioners are consistent with international standards. In order to achieve this goal, AUDUSD ensures that it is an active member of the Council of Professional Associations of Australian Dental Hygienists (CPAAH), which is an independent organisation responsible for promoting and maintaining high standards of practise, ethical practices and professional ethics of dental practitioners and other health care professionals. through the accreditation of the Australian Dental Council (ADC). It is also involved in the establishment of the Australian Association of Clinical Dental Hygienists (AACHD) and the Australian Academy of Pediatric Dental Hygienists (AAPHDH).

AUDUSD aims to increase the public’s awareness of dental care through its sponsorship of various events, including Dental Week. AUDUSD’s Dental Week program seeks to raise public awareness of the benefits of regular dental visits. The organisation also seeks to promote the role of the dental health care industry and encourages the growth of the dental health industry in the community through participation in community events, such as events on the Gold Coast, Melbourne, and Perth.

AUDUSD seeks to promote continuing education and professional development programs for its members, including seminars, continuing education seminars and conferences, special interest groups, and professional development activities. AUDUSD actively participates in national and international events, such as the National Dental Congress and the Australian Dental Association’s (ADHA) Annual General Meeting and General Assembly. AUDUSD also supports the development of its members by sponsoring conferences, conventions and meetings.

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